Joe DiMaggio, MD
Dr. Joe DiMaggio: Landmark executive, Landmark Forum leader

About Joe DiMaggio, MD

Joe DiMaggio, M.D. is the senior executive accountable for the Research, Development, and Design team for Landmark, a leading international training and development company. Widely respected for his forward-thinking ability to deliver provocative new perspectives, Dr. DiMaggio develops programs designed to provide a shift in perspective and a practical technology for producing breakthrough results.

Dr. DiMaggio’s interest is in the nature of being human, exploring the intersection of neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, ontology, and transformation. In his research and design role at Landmark, Joe DiMaggio heads a dynamic think-tank for leading-edge programs designed to maximize personal and organizational effectiveness. With a model of transformative learning, these programs give people an awareness of the basic structures in which they know, think, and act in the world and are powerful catalysts for change for individuals, organizations, and institutions around the world.

As a physician, Dr. DiMaggio held positions at Memorial Sloan-Kettering as a senior cancer researcher and as director of a multidisciplinary medical group. Dr. DiMaggio is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and holds a BS in chemistry from Yale University.

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